Kawaii Slime

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Beary Orange Cola Cream Cosmic Disco Crisp Diamond Clear Dino Cereal Crunchy Don't Feed The Unicorns Fluffy Goo Fuwa Fuwa Time Kawaii Seafood Kiwi Bear Straw-Dairy Cow Sweet Milk Parfait Watermelon Sugar Strawberry Mousse Straw-Bunny Squeaky Clean Spring Flowers Metamorphosis Gummy Shark Fuzzy Pink Poodle Chocolate Covered Strawberries Choco Bears Mousse Homestyle Maple Syrup Mermaid Frosting Pugs & Kisses Clear Spring Chicken Clear Straw-Bearry Clear Tiger Shrimp Crispy Bingsu Tropical Fish Jelly Creme Watermelon Patch Semi-Floam Baby Axolotl Fuzzy Duckling Apple Pie a la Mode Blue Hawaiian Mango Dragonfruit Neko Nap Rainbow Daze Avocuties Danish Butter Cookies Peppermint Tea Sakura Sweet Tea Taiyaki Soft Serve Rainbow Candytopia Mogoo Magoo Coconut Jelly Cube Peanut Buttery Jelly Time Pico De Slime-O Root Beer Float You're Toad-ally Awesome Gooey S'mores Japanese Cheesecake Tulip & Friends Pink Lemonade Meadow Bear A'lotl Friends Bears Best Shirley Temple Float
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Scented slime with fun charms
  • 7.2 oz
  • Dimensions 4" l x 4" w x 4" h
  • Made in the USA